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Hello there!

For some time I've been helping people to get into coding, and I thought about opening up to more people here.

Learning to code is no easy task, it takes time and dedication, but thanks to the internet is quite accesible and doable. I don't think any other profession gets even close to the amount of material available. But I've observed, that many times, people learning, just need to glue some ideas. That's where I can come in and help.

If you are learning programming or would like to know how/where to start, or have questions feel free to contact me over email or twitter.

We can schedule a call or you can send me a list of questions if you have already begun your journey.

I'm offering mentoring-for-free for the time being, be kind is my requirement.

🐦 twitter
📨 santiwilly@gmail.com


I think if your programming knowledge is zero, the best way to start is by doing frontend work. This means, creating websites or web applications.

Here's my initial recommendation.

  1. How the internet works
  2. Wrapping your mind around basic programming concepts with Hedycode.com
  3. Responsive web design
  4. JavaScript algorithms

You can continue by following the frontend roadmap.

Contact me if you need help or you are unsure about something.

Good luck in your journey!